Saturday, April 5, 2008

Progress Report Handout

Govt 314, American Political Thought

Progress Report: Four Simple Requirements

I. Your topic

Your discussion of your topic should address questions like this.
What is the main topic you are researching?
How has your understanding of your topic changed or advanced since the second draft
of your proposal

II. Hypotheses

Restate your most important hypothesis or hypotheses.
Explain any sub-hypotheses you use to justify your hypothesis

II. Research

Discuss all the materials you have read, watched, or otherwise researched for your paper
Explain how these materials justify your hypothesis and/or sub-hypotheses

I. Turn in two copies of a revised bibliography, one to Caric’s e-mail address
( and another hard copy. Caric will compile all of
the bibliographies into a general bibliography for the use of the class.

II. Reference all the sources that you have used to date.

III. Use formal MLA citation style for the bibliography—Here’s an example.
Warner, Sam Bass. The Private City: Philadelphia in Three Periods of Its
Growth, Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 1968, p. 22.